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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ashta Pradhan Mandal (Eight Cabinet Ministers)

It is a well known fact that Shivaji Raja had a Cabinet of Eight Ministers, which was commonly know in Marathi as Ashta Pradhan Mandal. Following is the designation of each post and their present day equivalent.

  1. Peshwa - Prime Minister - Since Shivaji Maharaja's coronation it was also referred as            "Mukhya Pradhan". He was responsible for most of Military and General administration of the Kingdom.
  2. Muzumdar - Finance Minister - Since the coronation, it was also referred as Amatya. He was responsible for the financial affairs of the kingdom.
  3. Surnis - Minister for Land Revenue -  Since the coronation, it was also referred as Sachiv.
  4. Vaknis - Minister for Internal and External Intelligence -  Since the coronation, it was also referred as Mantri. They used to submit reports on the activities in the field force and neighboring states.
  5. Dabir - Minster for External Affairs -  Since the coronation, it was also referred as Sumant. Their responsibility was usually look after the relations with the other kingdoms, merchants like East India Company, Dutch East India Company etc.
  6. Sarnaubat - Commander-in-Chief -  Since the coronation, it was also referred as Senapati. - Responsible for defense of the kingdom and regular military affairs.
  7. Nyayadhish - Chief Justice - Responsible for Judicial affairs, can be considered as today's supreme court. Even King himself do not had greater authority than Nyayadhish in judicial matters. King can be accused of a crime and he could very well be subjected to punishment.
  8. Panditrao - Head of Religious affairs - All the decisions pertaining to Religion was to be taken with his authority.

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